‘No cutbacks in Eindhoven’s cultural sector’

'No cutbacks in Eindhoven's cultural sector'

Fifteen Eindhoven cultural institutions presented a cultural manifesto on Monday evening.

In a packed room of the Parktheater local politicians were pointed out the importance of culture in a growing city like Eindhoven. The message was clear: Do not cut back on culture in the coming years. A challenge for the new city council since Eindhoven faces a million deficit on the municipal budget.

Personal development

Saskia Lammers of GroenLinks (leftwing party) thinks that culture is important for the development of people. She also hopes that politics and cultural institutions can come to a long-term vision together after the elections. The cultural sector also hopes for that, but mainly to grow.

“In this time creativity and inventiveness is needed, culture helps with that”, says Lammers. She mainly refers to discovering what you like, what others like, being able to empathize and being creative.

The GroenLinks politics advocates vouchers that young adults can use for cultural activities. “If young people are now out or off school, they will not come into contact with culture as much. We want to encourage them to continue using the cultural offer in the city after their study time.”


Arnold Raaijmakers also considers an investment in culture an investment in the city and economy. He uses GLOW and the Dutch Design Week as examples. Events that also benefit the middle class in Eindhoven. He does, however, believe that the cultural sector should look better at how it can (partly) recoup itself

The manifesto argues not only to invest in top culture such as the Muziekgebouw, DDW and Parktheater, but also amateur art as in the CKE.

In total, fifteen cultural institutions signed the cultural manifesto. Among them GLOW, the Dutch Design Foundation, the Van Abbemuseum, the CKE and Philips Museum.

Source: Studio040

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