‘Muziekgebouw again has thousands in debt’

The Eindhoven Muziekgebouw seems to be back to square one. The cultural institution, as before, is again struggling with a deficit of EUR 600 000, the ED reports.

The Muziekgebouw succeeded in cutting back an amount of EUR250 000, which partially resolved the financial debacle. However, measures taken by the municipality have increased the debt again. This year the counter is on EUR 600 000, just like years ago.

A part of the deficit was caused by a cut back on funds for the institution. The municipality wanted to free-up money for other cultural initiatives. The library recently filed a lawsuit against this subsidy reduction. The rest of the deficit is due to rent increases. The Muziekgebouw must pay more rent, but the municipality grant does not increase accordingly.

The Muziekgebouw has been struggling with financial deficits for years. Together with the institution, the municipality has been trying to cut deficits for years, without any success. There had been attempts to get the high rent down. A request for more subsidy than the current annual EUR 4.4 million, was rejected. The municipality also has significant financial problems.

Source: www.studio040.nl
Translated by: Bob

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