MMC has best obesity care in Southeast Brabant

Health Insurance company, CZ, has named Maxima Medisch Centrum (MMC Hospital) as its preferred hospital in 2018 for obesity care in Southeast Brabant. MMC is given this designation because of its extensive experience in ‘bariatric care’. Bariatric care is concerned with weight loss.

The hospital excels in gastric bypass surgery, and in a five year long treatment programme to help patients lead healthier lifestyles.

The hospital says it is very pleased with this recognition. They has worked for years towards this goal, and this validates all that hard work. It is not just about the operation, but also the lifestyle change, which the MMC guides intensively.

The team for obesity patients comprises of nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians, internal medicine specialists and plastic surgeons. This team offers help if people are unable to loose weight on their own. This autumn will see the unit’s 35th anniversary.

Only a few hospitals in the Netherlands receive this designation, and in Southeast Brabant it is MMC.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice


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