DDW: Showing True Colours at VPRO Medialab

What if, in the future, Netflix could use a heart rate monitor, placed in smartwatches, to know what mood you are in? Are you okay with this, or would you like to keep your emotions private? The ‘We Know How You Feel’ exhibition explores how wearable technology can play a role in the making, and consuming of media. It will be held during the Dutch Design Week, from 21 to 29 October, at the VPRO Medialab in Eindhoven.

The exhibition consists of three components: an exhibition with the audiovisual installation AURA which measures emotions using three biosensors, an interactive debate night, and a website showing extraordinary data projects.

The Measuring Emotions Exhibition

(Sat. 21 – Sun. 29 Oct., 10:00 to 18:00, Design Perron, free entrance)

During the exhibition, four participants each wear three biosensors – a heart rate monitor, a brain wave monitor, and a skin conductivity monitor – in a darkened room. The emotions measured are visualized as coloured laser light compositions. The four compositions form AURA. This audiovisual artwork was designed by Studio Nick Verstand, Salvdor Breed, Naivi, and Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). The differences in individuals’ emotional responses, being influenced by a musical composition, will be visible to everyone.

The Interactive Debate Night

(Wed. 25 Oct., 19:00 to 21.30, Effenaar, EUR 5)

This interactive debate night will be about the various topics surrounding the topics stemming from the ability to measure people’s emotions. Various speakers, including journalists and tech CEO’s, will talk about the social and moral implications of measuring intimate data.

Online: extraordinary data projects

This is available from 21 October, at http://weknowhowyoufeel.nu. On this website, visitors can find various, sometimes disturbing projects in the field of personal data, wearable technology and emotion recognition. People’s choice of Instagram filters can indicate if they are, for example, predisposed to depression.

Visiting and participating in AURA are, both, free. To participate, a reservation is, however, needed. For more information and tickets, visit: www.vpro.nl/medialab


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