Library launches Hello Fresh, but with books

A box for €14.95 with three books in the categories literature, tension, feelgood and young adults. That is the idea behind ‘Fresh’ reading items by the library in Eindhoven.

“People don’t want to put a lot of effort in products and services, specially not in books,” Robin Verleisdonk, member of the three-headed innovation team of the library, whose team figured out the concept, says.

The box is being delivered on Tuesday evening or Wednesday afternoon. Employees of the library deliver the box with a special tricycle. The first box that has been ordered will be delivered with a festive touch next Tuesday evening.

‘Fresh Reading items’ is still in the pilot phase. Users get three books that they should return after three months, after which the box is picked up at home. The only guarantee is that the books are brand new, unread and less than a month old. A special books team selects the titles.

Now that most libraries have disappeared and the only location still dwells in the White Lady, a trip to the library has become too much for many Eindhoven residents. This concept must be a solution for this. “It’s an idea aimed mainly at non-members,” Verleisdonk says.

Translated by: Bob

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