First edition of “Women Tech Talks” on Girls’ Day

On April 13 during the nationwide “Girls Day”, the first edition of “Women Tech Talks” was held in the auditorium of the Strip Conference Center of High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Seven inspiring women talked about their work on the latest innovations in technology.

This initiative is intended to provide a different picture through personal stories of the speakers who work in technology and encourage girls to choose technical programs at universities and work in technical companies later on. The initiative is supported by Nina Hoff (CEO byFlow) and Eline van Uden (LifeSense Group) based on the TEDx concept.

The women of Women in Tech: “We want to ‘re-brand’ technology and blow a breath of fresh air in technology. Our community of strong women working in the industry aims to encourage people from all backgrounds to work in tech; simultaneously we make the industry more accessible, share our expertise and empower companies to work on their diversity policies.”

Girls’ Day is an initiative of VHTO, the Dutch national expert organization on girls/women and science/technology, to introduce girls at a young age to science, engineering, and ICT.

This nationwide event takes place annually in April. During Girls’ day, numerous science-technical and ICT companies and technical or IT departments of companies, open their doors to girls aged 10 to 15 years. Girls can participate in interesting activities which are specially organized for them on Girls’ day and become acquainted with the science/technology activities in daily professional practice. Of course, they also get to know the female employees working in the companies.

During Girls’ Day at the High Tech Campus 200 schoolgirls, accompanied by their own family members or supervisors from school, participated in a pair of workshops, and attended the first edition of “Women Tech Talks”.

Participated companies and organizations are: Diagnostiek voor u; HHDx; DevLab Academy;  Eurest-The Strip; Philips; Bright Society; VDL Robot Sports; Plasmacure; byFlow; Bambi Belt; Carin; LifeSense Group.


Eindhoven News Reporter: Anahita




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