Eindhoven to deal with Processionary caterpillars

Eindhoven to deal with Processionary caterpillars

Eindhoven has begun with the process of combatting Oak Processionary caterpillars in the city. Each summer these caterpillars cause inhabitants to itch, develop welts and have irritated eyes and respiratory tracts.

For this reason the council, in collaboration with the outlying municipalties and the GGD, are fighting off these caterpillars. A biological agent is going to be used. This substance attaches itself to leave and only affects the Processionary caterpillars. It has no effect on other insects and animals.

Oak trees, where these caterpillars are found, will be treated between May and June. Trefpunt Groen and the Vlinderstichting advised which trees were suited for this treatment.

Reports of the whereabouts of  the Oak Processionary caterpillars nests can be made 24/7 at www.eindhoven.nl or via the BuitenBeter app.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda


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