BioArtLab moves after success manure dresses

BioArtLab moves after success manure dresses

The BioArtLab of Jalila Essaïdi from Eindhoven is moving. After the success of the bulletproof spider silk clothing and manure dresses, the company will soon be situated across the Philips Fruittuin. The new building is no less than half a hectare large.

The making of cow dung clothes seemed a strange idea, but it was a great success. Essaïdi received a check of 150.000 dollar for her line of clothing of manure from fashion chain H&M. The Global Change Awards are given every year to initiatives that create sustainable clothing.

With the money the BioArtLab can continue working on techniques to make poo textile, plastic or paper. Thus the polluting manure surplus can be addressed.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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