Unmotivated Artists Collective to give last show

The Unmotivated Artists Collective (OKC) are calling it a day and will give their final exhibition on Friday 10 March. The exhibition, titled “OKC: Cancelled”, will provide an overview of their artistic work from the past thirteen years.

Artists Liselotte de Groot and Lilia Scheerder founded the OKC in 2004. They wanted to counterbalance the competitive atmosphere at art academies with this humorous platform. Thirteen years later they’re bringing it to an end.

The individual members are still incredibly motivated to make something of their (creative) lives, and they are simply too busy with their own businesses and careers, and they can no longer afford to be unmotivated.

The show begins at 19:00 at the Temporary Art Gallery. Visitors can decide how much they would like to pay for the entry fee.

Source: Studio040


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