St Anna Hospital scores very good for Standard of Care


The St. Anna Hospital in Geldrop scored 99% in the NIAZ accreditation. The NIAZ (Dutch Institute for Healthcare Accreditation) examines on three points: is the healthcare safe, responsible and is there a culture of improvement in place.

Saturday the hospital had an Open House at which Ingrid Wolf, Chairperson of the Board of the St. Anna Hospital, received the NIAZ-Qmemtum award from Kees van Dun, director of the NIAZ.

The score of 99% is unique. NIAZ complimented the hospital especially on its outstanding attention for the well-being of the patient, the exercise programs for seniors and the oncological day treatment.

Chairperson Ingrid Wolf is very happy with the result. “We find it very important to constantly improve the quality of our healthcare and the service to our patients. This accreditation program is a great help in this. You are constantly examining your own organisation and let an external audit team inspect you as well. We saw an enormous involvement by the whole organisation in this process; from board members and doctors to nurses and staff. Also patients were asked how they experienced the care they were given.”

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice

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