Pilot Live, Work, Play of Expat Spouses

This week the pilot of Live, Work, Play of Expat Spouses Initiative took place at the ‘Boerderij’ of the High Tech Campus.

During the three days, February 28 to March 2, parents had the chance to work in a flexible professional environment, while their kids enjoyed some fun Carnaval vacation activities. Parents could choose to have lunch with their kids during the break if they liked, or join some of the activities themselves.

Everyday from 8:30 to 17:30, the children, from three months to 12-years-old, were welcomed in the daycare. Starting at 9:00, there were various activities available, geared towards different age groups. Some of the activities included “Math Counts”, “Storytelling”, “Food Prep”, “Sports Yeah!, “Science Rocks”, and “DingDong Music”, a combined parent-child activity.

The parents were partners of High Tech Campus employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, students who wanted to work in a flexible space, or High Tech Campus employees.
At the end of the first day they thought that this new concept could bring value for those parents who need the flexibility in terms of the days they bring the children to the daycare, and the hours that they can drop off and pick up their children.

Some of the dads had their offices in the High Tech Campus, but they also brought their children to the Live, Work, Play event. They could have the child looked after for a day during the Carnival vacation and continue their own work as usual. One of the mothers who used the flexible working space on Tuesday, told us that she got quite a lot done in her search for a new career opportunity. She had 8 undisturbed hours to work while her daughter was in the daycare. At home, she could get only one or two hours of work in a day, while her daughter sleeps.

ESI want the Live, Work, Play to be a hotspot where you can connect and integrate socially (Live), can achieve your career dreams (Work), and find an important support system to take care of your children (Play).

More information you can find on their website. 


For Eindhoven News: Irene M


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