Vestdijk to be overhauled: before the summer no more throughfare

Vestdijk to be overhauled: before the summer no more throughfare

Even before the summer, work will begin on Vestdijk. That means that from then on, no more cars and trucks will be able to travel from the south to the north of the city via Vestdijk.

The Vestdijk will become a low traffic area, with one less lane and a maximum speed of 30 km/h. This should result in the air quality quickly improving. And with the removal of one lane, there will be space for green areas, water, terraces and benches.

With this measure, Councillor Schreurs wants to end the through fare of traffic over the Vestdijk. Traffic measures will soon be rolled out so that car and truck drivers that have to be in the city centre, can still use Vestdijk to drive into the centre and reach their point of destination. They also still will be able to park in Heuvel garage for example.

Because Vestdijk is a busy road with a lot of traffic, a test run will be done this year. This means that one lane will already be closed to see how it works in practice. Pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and shopkeepers can then indicate how it went and where it can be improved, if needs be. Next year the final redesign will be a reality.

Councillor Schreurs thinks the traffic problems will improve if drivers can no longer drive from south to north Eindhoven via the Vestdijk. Motorists will be diverted via the ring road. The can also later leave the city via Kanaalstraat.

The municipality will receive four million euros from Den Haag for the redesign. That is enough, according to Schreurs, to be able to fund everything.

Source: Studio040
Translated by: Melinda

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