‘Woonbedrijf’ found 39 cannabis nurseries last year

Cannabis nursery. Photo credit: Studio040

In the last year 39 cannabis nurseries were found at residences of ‘Woonbedrijf’ (housing corporation). This is according to the body corporate. All relevant lease agreements have been ended.

There were indications of very dangerous situations, such as fire hazards and leakage due to the electricity taping before it reached the meter; tampering with wiring; melted electricity wires and holes in walls and ceilings. The neighbouring residents often reported the suspicious situations.

It costs a considerable amount of money for Woonbedrijf to make a residence where cannabis has been cultivated, liveable again. Added to this there is also financial damages because of, for example, legal costs and late rent. The previous year, all these damages amounted to €193.000 in total.


Source: www.studio040.nl
Translation: Melinda

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