Flock of sheep at the High Tech Campus

As of today the High Tech Campus has their own herd of sheep. Shepherd Matthijs arrived today with his 250 sheep and dogs Vikkie and Bono at the Campus.

The modern sheep herder, such as Mattijs, is a manager of nature. Contributing to making nature stronger by natural selection, since the sheep grazing selective. The animals, after all, do not like each plant equally.

For visitors and employees of the Campus this mainly gives a pretty picture. During the lunch break swarms of people ask the shepherd questions and are take plenty of photos. Matthijs is happy being the center of attention, and that people enjoy seeing his sheep.

It is striking to see that one sheep remains close to Matthijs. Where as the herd seeks out shade, Lottie does not depart from the shepherd’s side. He explains this: "I have raised and bottle-fed Lottie since she was small, sees me as her mother and enjoys sitting on my lap." Beside being nice and cozy, it is also a strategic choice to give the bottle to some sheep. These sheep grow into traditional, docile sheep. The more of them there are in a flock, the better the the herds listens.

The sheep will remain the whole week at the Campus. Matthijs and the dogs are there during the day to tend the flock.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Peter Marijnissen

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