International Social Friday seen through the eyes of Alessia

Last Friday the second International Social Friday took place, a total of nine interesting workshops and around a hundred inspired visitors made it into a vibrant afternoon. Here Alessia’s impression.

Do you believe if I tell you that life is fun, full of abundance and love?
I guess no. You will not believe me and honestly, I did not trust this myself either.
Do you know why? Think a little and the answer will arise naturally.

It is nobody’s fault, but we all grow up in a world where you must be the first at school, first to get married, first to get the most rewarding work, etc. etc. Right?
Did you read in the previous sentence words as happiness, fun or abundance? No, of course.
I would say instead, more easily, you would think about competition, sacrifice and suffering.
Me too!

Fortunately (I say now) one day, life circumstances brought me in Eindhoven and to face the fact I had to re-organize my life totally.
And when I say totally, I really mean it! I used to rely on my husband for many, many things as bringing out the garbage, hanging a painting on the wall or building a closet and many other things of course!
You can imagine then how alone and lost I felt, when one day I woke up surrounded only by myself!

The good thing – that I learned from my mother – is to never give up and go look for the solution instead. Because believe me, for everything there is a solution! You just have to trust your strength and begin to look around because the answer is there every time; the only thing we need to do is never surrender to the events.
So little by little, as a turtle who sticks her head out of her shell, I learned to open the door of "my house", and guess what??!?
The world, I found out there, was full of opportunities and abundance.
People, circumstances and solutions are just in front of us if we look carefully and we state clearly what we want.

The answer to my questions of to live with fun, to travel a lot, often to Italy (by the way I am Italian, born and raised in Rome) and to work from home, has been given in the moment I asked it clearly to the Universe.

In fact the last 29th of January at Seats2Meet Strijp-S I realized that I am not alone, but many people have the aim to build together a synergetic network of knowledge and experience that will enable us to share all the abundance present on the planet.
This sentence could represent the aim of the "International Social Friday", which was organized together with Eindhoven News, Eindhoven Startups Foundation and Seats2Meet.
It has been a wonderful afternoon where ‘locals’ and ‘foreigners’ shared their specialties and differences in a harmonic and unique way.
This is the way to build a new future, looking for new opportunities and challenges all together.
The ‘traditional way’ doesn’t work anymore, it is time for a new approach.
To help the attendants to reach these goals, the organization invited people to give workshops, presentations, brainstorms and discussions to participate (for free, by the way!).

The workshop that triggered me most was "Create a portable career".
Is there a better job than the one with no boss, working from any place wherever you are and when you can!
Specially, in a time where you have to combine the need for an income, paying for the education of a young child far away from your family.
While the afternoon was going, I realized that more and more people were like me, no single mothers, but persons looking for a different way of living and believing strongly in a world based on cooperation.
The winning formula, realized by the organizers, is that working together we can all succeed.
The question now is: are you ready for a change in your life? Are you ready to see and receive some of the abundance present around you? If the answer is yes, I would strongly recommend you to join the future International Social Fridays, they are a good start to learn how to reach all of your goals to live a better life, after all!

This is the list of workshops you could follow this time:
"Create a Portable Career",
"Ideas Worth Spreading / TEDxStrijp Workshop",
"Your inspiration for 2016!",
"Workshop Constellations – There is more to reality then we think we know",
"The Challenges of Living Abroad",
"Starting your online business and get your first customer in 24 hours",
"How to land your message like a Pro",
"Eindhoven Startups pitching",
"Communicating in international teams".

The only suggestion – if I can – I would like to ask the organization to manage the afternoon a bit differently. I heard from people that they were very sorry because they could not attend all the workshops they wanted to, because there were too many. All very interesting but unfortunately we still do not have the capacity to be in two places at the same time!

With Love,

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