People from Stratum are talking about future community

The residents of Stratum area will discuss how their community should look like in ten years. The municipality is working on a plan for the future of this area and would like to involve more people from Stratum to have a say as to how the area should look like in future.

The inhabitants of Stratum platform organizes a public evening on January 27 in building P at Leenderweg. Representatives from the town hall of Eindhoven will be present to have a dialogue with the people of Stratum.

First, a brief analysis of Stratum will be presented. After that the brainstorm process will start as to how Stratum remains a nice area to live and work in. The question is what needs to be preserved and what could be different.

The initiators would like to come up with a vision and a program in this year.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Usha Shankar

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