Aircraft noise survey

About 18,000 inhabitants of the Eindhoven Airport area will receive a survey in their mailbox this week. The questionnaire should provide insight on how they experience the increase in air traffic. The survey is going to be distributed among residents of Eindhoven, Bergeijk, Best, Eersel, Oirschot, Sint Oedenrode, Son en Breugel, Veldhoven and Waalre.

The survey is one of the results of the ‘Alderstafel’, a commission that gives advice on the growth of civil aviation at Eindhoven Airport. One of the conditions of the growth is that nuisance to local residents should be monitored.

The first survey took place in 2012 and showed that there was more nuisance than expected. Especially residents of Best, Veldhoven, Son en Breugel, Acht and Wintelre experienced the noise pollution.

Earlier this year, another commission informed the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment that the noise pollution was considerably underestimated.

Source: Studio040

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