More bicyclists and less cars in centre

Eindhoven politicians would like more possibilities for bicyclists and public transport with less cars in the long run. A majority in the city council supports council man Helm’s bill.

The bill proposes better accessibility for bicyclists into the city centre. Bus lanes and buslines would be renewed as well leading to a better quality of life with less pollution. THis should lead to 15 percent less automobile usage in the ring within two years time. Paid parking areas will also grow in number.

Most political parties support this plan, except for the VVF and LPF. the VVD is against increased paid parking and is afraid that automobiles will be denied entrance into city. The LPF has concerns as to whether the new bus lanes and lines are feasible. The SP and GroenLinks stand behind Helm’s plans, but want a guarantee that pollution would decrease as a result.

Now that there is political support, it is now time for affirmative action. Next year the plans should commence.

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