Mounted police exercise at Stratumseind

Monday, the mounted police conducted an exercise at Stratumseind. They simulated real-life situations in cooperation with Summa College’s training program Police Surveillance Enforcement and Security.
The exercise is meant to improve the security in the nightlife district. The students affronted each other like real rioters.

Participant Luc likes the exercise. “It is useful for us to see how these things work.” He is not afraid of horses. “You just need to trust them.”While the students were fighting, the special nightlife police unit intervened. They tried to simulate busy nightlife situations, such as riots and emergencies, as much as possible.Training with horses is very important, according to Marlies van Hanselen from the mounted police. “We are working with animals. We need to exercise regularly.” Horses are used in order to improve security on nights nightlife is busy.

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