2.7 million Euros donated to Mother-Child Center at MMC

Monday, 15 May 2012

EINDHOVEN – Máxima Medical Center received a generous gift from ‘De Stichting Weijerhorst’. The foundation donates 2.7 million Euros for research on babies’ health monitoring during pregnancy at the Woman Mother Child Center.

MMC is very happy with this donation. The hospital uses the funds to start a four-year research program on electro foeto-maternal monitoring, in medical jargon. Professor and gynecologist Guid Oei is supervising this project. He says it is very unique such a large sum is donated to scientific medical research.Professor Oei about the research: “It frequently occurs that baby’s lack oxygen during pregnancy. This results in health risks for mother and child. Children who did not get enough oxygen during pregnancy usually suffer life-long problems.”He continues: “If monitoring both mother and baby’s health enables earlier intervention, it results in a direct health benefit, without an increase in the number of unnecessary caesarians.” One of the Foundation’s goals is to contribute to scientific medical research. “The research project Máxima Medical Center is going to run perfectly matches our objective,” says the foundation’s chairman. Source: Eindhoven Dichtbij






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