A plea to support Ukraine

Image courtesy: Pavlo Barvinko

Eindhoven News condemns war and violence. Eindhoven News appeals to all international organisations and individuals to lend a helping hand to Ukrainians and show solidarity at this time of darkness and need.

Hundreds of Ukrainians live and work in Eindhoven. For all of them, the morning of 24 February was a complete shock. It was difficult to believe that Russia invaded Ukraine, and for many, it is still difficult to comprehend the reality. But as the Ukrainian army fights in the home country, Ukrainians in Eindhoven have organized themselves to help with paramilitary, medical, and humanitarian needs.
Special desk by the Eindhoven Municipality
The city of Eindhoven has set up a special desk to support the Ukrainian crisis. Eindhoven residents who want to offer help can report this to the municipality via the e-mail address oekraine@eindhoven.nl or by calling the special number 040-2382037 (from Saturday 5 March, daily from 8.30 am to 5 pm). The aim of this central point is to gain insight into the relief actions that are taking place in Eindhoven and where possible link initiators to each other or refer them to well-known aid organisations.

Gemeente Eindhoven receives many messages from Eindhoven residents who want to offer to take in Ukrainians in their houses. That’s commendable. However, the municipality does not mediate between providers of shelter and refugees. If you would like to make space available, please contact Vluchtelingenwerk or Takecarebnb.

While big charity organisations such as Red Cross, UNO help globally, Ukrainians here aim to fulfil the local and specific needs. People from the Ukrainian community are communicating on a daily basis with their friends and relatives back in Ukraine. They are, in turn, in touch with the local hospitals, care centres, humanitarian organisations, to understand their specific needs.
The ongoing work on several fronts:
– Paramilitary help (military medicine, like soldier medical kits, cellos, and tourniquets)
– General medical help for hospitals
– Humanitarian help (clothes, footwear, baby food, diapers)
– Assistance to the refugees starting to arrive in Eindhoven. Here, we are working very closely with Gemeente Eindhoven, assisting them in their communication with the refugees.
Help Ukraine
Image courtesy: Pavlo Barvinko
Pavlo Barvinko, a Ukrainian Eindhovenaar who is actively organising relief work says, “And, of course, we are not doing everything ourselves, but also participating in other local initiatives. So, last week many Ukrainians helped in taking in, sorting, packing, and loading the goods organized by De Rooy”.
“We appreciate everyone’s help and are thankful for what all of you have done already. Please, feel free to reach out if you would like to support us in any way you can. Our biggest needs at the moment are medicine supply (both paramilitary and regular – for the hospitals) and logistics (bringing goods to the border of Ukraine). Many thanks, and together we stay strong!”

If you are willing to make a money contribution then, please, use:

or the Stichting Spoetnik (https://www.spoetnik.nl/). Eindhoven residents can also contact the Gemeente Eindhoven regarding helping Ukrainians using the help desk.

Source: Pavlo Barvinko

Organisations that want to help can reach Pavlo here.


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