Expat Spouses Initiative, Living IN Holland Expat Center South and Brainport Development together are hosting a one-day event where Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) takes the centre stage.

The first inclusive event for the year with input and inspiration from business and government leaders. Thought leaders from Philips, ASML, Fluke Corporation, DLL, TU/e, Summa College, D&I leader, and other trendsetters share their best practices and insights on attracting and retaining diverse talent.

The focus of this one-day, multi-session, virtual event on Diversity & Inclusion is retaining international talent, dual-career, creating an inclusive ecosystem for international families to thrive and contribute towards the regional economy. 

 As the world rebuilds the new normal with careful consideration, uncover and learn how YOU can play an integral role in the repositioning & restructuring an INCLUSIVE Ecosystem. So, beyond the leadership statements, online discussions, and social media challenges, how do YOU actually advance towards diversity, equity, and inclusion? The active inclusion starts with YOU, on an individual level. If you’re not quite sure, how YOU can lead inclusion, join this event on 28 January, where you can expect to accelerate the conversation of Inclusion and Diversity and leverage the collective knowledge of leaders across the Brainport and beyond.

Brainport is quite diverse and is determined to build a strong, inclusive culture making sure it is attracting and retaining the very best talent and helping them and their families unlock their full potential. The event will give a great opportunity to engage in deep, meaningful conversations about diversity and inclusion in three specific tracks- 

  • Including (local) International Talent 

Fostering a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment that increases the participation and contribution of International Talent, making them feel belonged. Creating an inclusive work culture without barriers, discrimination, and biases. 

  • Including Family 

Creating the right conditions and facilities to Include the family of the international knowledge worker to live, work and feel part of the Brainport region. 

  • Including Women 

Gender equality is more than just whether companies have equal ratios of men and women, but whether women are involved in decision-making or hold positions of power and influence are especially important. It’s vital to consider whether women are not at the table, whether they feel welcome in work culture and if they’re subject to bias and stereotyping. 

Target Audience 

  • HR, D&I and talent management professionals from the Brainport region Talent Recruiters 
  • Women for Women Participants 
  • Talents from the Community (International Talent pool available in the Brainport region) 

Event Details 

Date: January 28th 2021 | Time: 10.30 – 17:00 | Location: virtual even

The Program 

The program is divided into morning and afternoon sessions, both the sessions open with a keynote panel discussion followed by multiple inspiring and informative sessions from which you can choose. In this way, you can put together a tailor-made program. Participating organisations include Philips, Fluke, ASML, DLL, Stichting Brainport, TU/e, Summa College, HECS, Female Tech Heroes, Edufax, Sioux, WUR and TMC.

Source: Expat Spouses initiative








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