Tackling weekend woes amidst the coronavirus pandemic

What can you do when you are hit with a continuous onslaught of negativity?  Perhaps, can you curl up in your bed and sleep through the problem? Hell no!

You still have to work, take care of your family, do the chores, run errands for the needy and above all fight it out. Adding fuel to fire, working from home and studying online has become the new normal.

Change is not easy. Nevertheless, change is a teacher, a mentor sometimes a leveller. Keeping yourself occupied and focused on tasks can be an easy way out.


You have a lovely opportunity to read all the “save for later” articles, books. Not to mention the videos and podcasts that are still lurking in your “to-watch/hear” folder for ages. You can also get your hands on some soul-cleansing books or self-help books. Classic literature and history are topics that can transport you to a different zone that makes you forget the current gloom. Scout for scholarly articles about the current situation rather than spending time on sensational news articles that only influence you negatively.


What happened to that blog of yours that didn’t go past the registration? Ain’t it a good time to work on that now? Writing gives expression to your thoughts and is such an enthralling activity. It doesn’t have to be only a blog, you could also write to your loved ones. Especially, your parents (if you are an adult). An email is much nicer than a text message that says “Mom are you ok? Stay safe”. And not to mention, COVID 19 is not kind to the senior citizens.


A good time to complete your halfway through “My favourites” playlist, isn’t it? Be a bit more attentive to avoid the blues. Shake a leg together to some peppy tunes with your flock. Many videos teach you to groove along. What about listening to stories online as a whole family? or podcasts?


Call extended family and friends that you normally don’t talk to and renew your bond. Refreshing right? Just try this but keep in mind you may want to keep the call short with that whining aunt or uncle. Moreover, check if you have become a whiner. A reality check!

Help the needy 

Offer to help someone in your neighbourhood with a chore or an errand. You could cook and share a meal. In fact, you can find people who need help on FB page Coronahulp. For there is no joy better than the joy of serving others.

Get out and have fun while your body makes vitamin D

Play a sport outdoors or simply go for a walk or bike. If you have a pet then you are a pro at this. Outdoor sport or activity could be banned if the crisis becomes worse so enjoy this before it’s too late.  Most importantly, kids need to be outdoors for at least half an hour. You don’t have telecons during the weekend so take that time to stop and smell the fresh spring flowers. Children will teach you to listen to bugs and birds in the same earnestness. Once I caught my boy and a friend of his fighting over a ladybug. Eventually, we paid homage to that dotted creature but that’s a story for another day.

Browse through your old pictures 

Such cherished memories! Leafing through yesteryear pictures leads to stories that you can share. Your little one might ask “Mommy why is your skirt muddy in this picture”? You might answer “Oh! that….my brother and I wrestled for the bike and I fell in the mud. “Then your uncle felt bad and spared his rightful turn for the bike to make me happy. We used to fight a lot but we stand for each other through thick and thin”.

Review tech gadgets that you intend to buy later

Perhaps, you gave a rain check to deciding which camera or phone you want to buy. Now is the time for that analysis. Maybe you are lucky and get good deals in the coming weeks.

Try your hand at something new

If you wanted to paint and didn’t all this while, pick up those brushes and paint your own sunshine. Flex your muscles by gardening. What if you are not artistically inclined? Find time to frame the lovely artwork by those petite hands that you have been postponing so long. Your children would feel so proud. And how happy this can be for those tiny tots who understand half and worry half about “corona”.

Retail therapy 

Online window shopping is good for your wallet yet therapeutic. In case you are tempted to order something make sure you let the package rest for a few days lest it is infected. If you can, disinfect the package or trash the wrapper before you let the package sit it out. Most importantly, remember to wash your hands well.

Organize your wardrobe 

Were you missing pieces of an ensemble and so you couldn’t wear it? Maybe your peplum needed a pencil skirt or you wanted to pick some nice cufflinks for your tux. Now is the time to take stock of what you need. Make that list! It helps if you catalogued pictures of the pieces that need accessories or apparel to complete the look. So that it’s handy when you shop later.

Garage grumbles

Don’t tell me your garage is in perfect order. Go for it! It gives you a sense of accomplishment. So energising and you feel upbeat. As a bonus, you might stumble upon something that you have been searching for quite some time.

Game night 

When was the last time you played Monopoly or Mastermind or any other board game? Probably, this is an opportune time to have fun with family or close friends. Let me caution you, it is best to limit your external contacts to not more than 5 to 10 people.

Movie time

Retire for the evening after dinner comfortably with some warm turmeric tea while you watch some feel-good movies. After the kids are tucked in bed, what a good excuse for a little over the edge, Rom-Com.


Meditate or spend time on introspection 

Meditating during these strange times is a no brainer. If you can, then what more can you ask for? Introspection is one of the keys attributes to a successful life. Be it in your career or your social life. This is a good excuse to set up a time for chewing on what happened. That could lead to honing your goals.

Business ideas and plans

Hatching many business ideas in your mind? Maybe you can answer that call to action by chalking our a business case plan. If you had a plan already then pen your test case scenario and get your pitch ready. You never know when opportunity knocks!

Enrol in a webinar or online workshop

There is an umpteen number of courses online (MOOC) that you can study for a reasonable fee and besides get a certificate as well. Many organizations/freelancers are offering free online workshops too.

Give your devices a data detox

You could free up so much storage by trashing your stored junk. Helps you feel emancipated. Indeed, a cluttered desktop is such an eyesore. Do you even remember how carefully you chose your desktop picture?



Stick to a routine (You’ve  probably heard of this before, nonetheless, stick to it)

Wake up at the same time every day and maintain a routine. This helps families with kids especially. Carefully thought out meal plans at regular times is a clear win-win. Make sure your bedtime is consistent. Plan for a full 8-hour stopover in slumberland. Sufficient Sleep boosts immunity and I bet you want to cash on it.

Let’s wish each other good health. Especially to those healthcare professionals and essential service sector employees and their families. For they are those who make life possible for us. They work outside, for us to be home safely and we have to stay home to let them work safely outside!

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj



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