Eindhoven through Charise’s eyes – Blob

Note from Charise: “I’ve noticed, on my bicycle rides around Eindhoven, that while the city is certainly beautiful during the day, it’s even more beautiful during the night – Eindhoven isn’t called the City of Lights for nothing.

In this photo, I love the contrast of the lightness on De Blob to the darkness of the night sky behind it. I love how the blue-tinged white at the top of De Blob gradually changes to a warm, buttery yellow with smatterings of purple here and there. But most of all, I love how it smoothly reflects its surroundings and doesn’t try to change them, but rather incorporates them into its own uniqueness.”

This is a new column by Charise: “I am a photographer and adventurer from South Africa who likes sunsets and hot coffee on cold mornings.”

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