Eindhoven Through Charise’s Eyes – Daffodils

This is a new column by Charise. She’ll treat us on ‘Eindhoven through her eyes’ weekly with photographs and video’s. “I am a photographer and adventurer from South Africa and I likes sunsets and hot coffee on cold mornings,” according to herself.

In her debut: “Spring Has Sprung And The Daffodils Have Come Out Of Hiding”

Charise: “Yes the picture is a bit blurry. This is due to the effect of the sunglass lens through which it was shot and also the lens I use on the camera, which is a 50mm lens that essentially mimics what something looks like to the human eye.

Notice how your eye starts on the right hand side of the photo then follows the line of the daffodils towards the top or back of the photo, and then jumps to the cars on the left, then the tree on the right and back to the flowers? This is supposed to draw your eye into the photo and encourage you to keep looking.

The idea with this photo is to show the viewer what I see, and the best way to do that is to recreate the what I saw. That’s why I used the sunglasses and the 50mm lens. I also wanted to show the viewer the depth in the photo, which I convey by the flowing lines of the daffodils and the straight lines of the fences, houses and cars along the sides of the photo.

I took it near where I ride my bicycle a lot and walk my dogs. I took the photo to give the viewer a glimpse into my life.

“The Daffodils in spring remind me to be present and to admire the beauty right in front of me. Yesterday they didn’t exist, tomorrow they might be gone, but none of that matters because today they are here with me.”

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