‘ASML can’t keep up with worldwide chip factory expansions’

ASML can't keep up with worldwide chip machine demand
Photo credit: ASML/ Studio040

In the coming years, ASML will not be able to make enough chip machines to support the increase in chip production in Europe and worldwide.

So says ASML CEO Peter Wennink to the Financial Times. The high-tech sector has been struggling with major chip shortages since the corona crisis hit. DAF also indicated earlier that it would be building fewer trucks because of these shortages.

But the chip shortage is also being felt in many other sectors. This is reason enough for Europe to aim at building a chip factory on its own continent. Currently, most chips come from the US and East Asia.

To be able to produce more chips, the machines of ASML are of great importance. The company in Veldhoven is the only company in the world that can produce the most advanced chip machines. ASML has already announced its intention to significantly scale up production of the machines.

However, that upscaling is not enough to keep up with the growing demand for the machines from Veldhoven.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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