Smiles are back on the streets after new easings

Relaxations of Corona measures Eindhoven
Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

Of course, the easings of measures for the catering industry, cultural and sports sectors produced many happy and relieved faces in the Eindhoven streets yesterday. Although the real exuberance seems to have subsided somewhat due to the seesawing in the past with lockdowns and relaxations.

But the Eindhoven hotel and catering entrepreneurs are very happy about it. “The fact that we can open again until ten o’clock in the evening is really a victory for the catering industry”, Dennis Kuylaars, of café De Wildeman, says. “It is great that we can do what we do best again”.


The pub’s neighbours are also working hard to be able to welcome customers again on Wednesday. “We already had a plan for when we would be allowed to open again”, floor manager Jurgen Bakx, of café De Vooruitgang, says. “But we did not actually expect that to be right the day after the press conference, so we are now cramming three days’ work into one day. But we are looking forward to it and the staff is ready for it”.

Many Eindhoven residents are also happy to be able to do more again. “I’ve never been out before, so that seems really nice to be able to do that once”, a young passer-by says. For students, too, good times are ahead again: “A student life without going out is unthinkable”, a relieved student says. “I am looking forward to going out again soon”.

Remain open

Entrepreneurs in the catering industry are still cautious. How long will the limited closing time of 22:00 remain in place and was this the last lockdown for the time being? “I am positive about that”, Dennis Kuylaars says. “I think Corona is at its end. That we can stay open and continue to entertain people”. Most of the people from Eindhoven hope for that too. “I think it’s stupid that the catering industry had to close for so long while everything else was open”, someone says. “It’s not going as fast as the last time when there were easings, so I hope that all can remain open now”, a student hopes.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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