Rising corona infections in nursing homes

GGD opens new test centre in valkenswaard
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Although the majority of the residents are vaccinated twice, still the infection rates in nursing homes are high. The caregivers are isolating the residents, testing the entire wards, and staff members are dropping out. And this is once again causing unrest. Fortunately, this time the complaints among the residents are much milder.

In Brabant, we now have more than 1500 infections every day. Some of these people live in nursing homes. These are the figures from last Monday:

Southeast Brabant

4 infected nursing homes, the highest number since March 11, 2021.
8 positively tested residents. The highest number since February 18, 2021.

Northeast Brabant

20 infected nursing homes, the highest number since March 8.
9 positively tested residents. The highest number since February 11.

Central and West Brabant

44 contaminated nursing homes, the highest number since January 24.
9 positively tested residents. Highest since February 13.

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Less sick
Most of the elderly in the institutions have got their vaccinations. They have better protection levels. The elderly have a lot milder symptoms than before their vaccinations.

But despite the milder symptoms, it is hard work for the staff. Spokesperson Kaat Van der Weide of care institution Thebe in Central and West Brabant: ”As soon as someone coughs or sneezes even a little, we are isolating them. If someone remains in isolation, they need special care. They are in protective clothing until the test results are in. We need more time and effort to do this.” Many staffs are infected too.

Staff shortage
According to Conny Helder, director of Regional Non-Acute Care Consultation, the situation is dire. That’s because the infections among the elderly people in care institutions are high.  But there is also a shortage of staff. ”We have a lot of opening,  there are employees who are leaving because they are overtired, and employees are getting infected. I really hope that with the new measures the number of infections will decrease.”

In Southeast Brabant, they also see an increase in the number of infections, but they cannot yet speak of a real peak. “This is nothing compared to the first wave. But I do notice that we are at the start of such a wave again,” says a spokesperson for the region Marion van Zoom.

Booster shot
Thebe would like to see the so-called booster shot given earlier. “We have all the resources to start giving the shot tomorrow, so to speak. People really need it.”

Source: www.omroepbrabant.nl

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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