Water fun, climbing and crafts during Woensel West children’s holiday week

Photo credit: KVW Woensel West/Studio040

For the ninth year in a row, Woensel West is hosting the children’s holiday week . This year the children’s activities are in the theme of the jungle.

Supervisor Inge Kuipers explains: “This year the children are in a kind of Jumanji game where they have to do all kinds of tasks to get out of the game. That is very exciting, of course”. Every time the elephant gives the signal, the children have to do another assignment like a treasure hunt through the neighbourhood. In between, they can swim, ride the cable car, make a chain reaction and much more.

It is especially important for this well known neighbourhood that this holiday week exists. Maartje Smulders, who organises the week every year, says: “Especially in a corona year like this,  children have spent a lot of time indoors. So it’s great that they can get out and play with each other, get away from it all and be somewhere else other than at home”.

The children think it is fantastic. The young children are sure they will come again next year. Two 13-year-old girls can no longer take part in the programme, but they are allowed to help. They say: “Helping is fun, but we also get to do plenty of other things like making a graffiti drawing”.

“We came up with a separate programme especially for children over 13. They really enjoyed participating and wanted to stay. That is now possible”, Maartje Smulders says.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Eindhoven News translator: Bob




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