New injection plan makes vaccination more efficient

ASML and TU/E experts to speed up Vaccination process
Photo credit:, Nataliya Vaitkevich

Two experts from ASML and TU/e have come up with a new approach that can speed up vaccination. 

The Eindhovens Dagblad reports this. With the current approach of the Public Health Service (GGD), there is a lot of waiting involved in giving vaccinations. First someone has to complete the administrative process, then comes the vaccination process. And while the administrative employee fills out forms, the one assisting with the injection does nothing. A team of experts has thought to expedite the process.

They set up the team in early February. They advise the GGD on how to organise the logistics of the vaccination campaign in the best possible way. The team is led by TU/e Professor of Logistics Frans Fransoo. Business world experts are also part of this team. . With the advice of the experts, Municipal Health Centres can administer not 20, but 60 vaccinations per hour per vaccinator.

This can be done by completely disconnecting the administration and the vaccinating process. The first part of the test street is used to deal with the necessary formalities and the second part is used to administer the shot. This allows administrators and vaccine administrators to work simultaneously. If you have twice as many administrators as vaccine administrators, the process runs much more smoothly.

The new working method is particularly suitable for large or new launching locations. The experts are already in contact with the GGDs Midden Brabant and Zuidoost Brabant.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta who also gives online INBURGERING classes.


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