Two dinosaurs bring a bit of Carnaval to the city centre after all

Photo credit: Pleun Wolters/Studio040

Stratumseind, Markt, Dommelstraat: nowhere in the city centre is there anything to be seen or heard of Carnaval. Well except for two dinosaurs that are looking for entertainment against all knowledge.

The only music to be heard in town comes from Jamin’s lolly machine. Beer, too, is nowhere to be seen. Two boys in Carnaval costumes stand in the Market, a little disappointed. They miss Carnaval and had secretly hoped to experience something of the atmosphere in the city.

If they had waited a little longer, they could have seen the two dinosaurs on Rechtestraat putting on their suits. “What were we hoping to find? Nothing, really…”, a woman in one of the suits says. “We just want to have a bit of fun”. They didn’t bring a hip bottle of booze. “No way, it’s just the two of us. Not everything needs alcohol”.

Translated by: Bob
Source: Studio040


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