D66 and SP ask questions about investigation into curfew riots

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The SP and D66 questioned the city council regarding the municipality’s investigation into its own actions during the curfew riots.

The political groups said they were pleased with the investigation, initiated by the Mayor himself and carried out by an external agency. However, the parties would have liked the municipal council to be involved in drafting the research question. According to the groups, it’s not possible that some questions will remain unanswered once the investigation has been completed.

D66 and the SP want to know about the time period covered by the investigation. Will only the period during which the riots took place be investigated, or also the period leading up to the riots? The parties also want to know the results of emergency regulations implemented over the past two weeks.

Unclear formulation
The parties questioned the formulation of the terms of reference, which is said to state:

‘The strategic choices regarding police deployment, such as the intended purpose, the (heavier) resources and the time of deployment. The action itself is not a subject of investigation’.

SP and D66 want to know what exactly is meant by ‘strategic choices’ and ‘the deployment itself’. In addition, the parties want to know whether reconstructions by journalists present at the riots are also included in the investigation. The parties refer extensively to local news outlet Studio040’s reconstruction of the disturbances.

Based on this reconstruction, the parties want to know whether the failure to arrest rioters falls under the heading of ‘strategic choice’ or ‘police deployment’, and if it will therefore be investigated or not.

No intervention
The parties also conclude, based on Studio040’s reconstruction of the riots, that the police or ME did not intervene when rioters began demolishing the station building. The groups want to know whether these actions are included in the investigation.

The council questions come at a crucial time, as it Tuesday saw a judge in the Hague rule that the introduction of the curfew lacked any legal basis.

Translated by: Bob
Source: Studio040

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