Judge ruled for cancelling the curfew; Eindhoven awaits the government’s response

Picture Credit: Pixabay

The curfew must be lifted immediately, the judge ruled so in the case VirusWaarheid group (Virus Truth) brought against the state. The Municipality of Eindhoven announced that it awaits the cabinet’s response.

The judge ruled that the curfew is not based on the correct law. According to the court, the measure was implemented under an emergency law whereby the cabinet does not have time to introduce a new special law in times of emergency, for example in the event of a dyke breach. The judge ruled that the corona situation does not constitute an emergency, since the House of Representatives had already extensively debated over the curfew.

The cabinet has not yet responded to the judge’s decision. The Municipality of Eindhoven said it’s not clear yet whether the curfew would be lifted with the ruling. A spokesperson said that he awaits the government’s response. The expectation is that the cabinet will respond later today.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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