First seniors to be vaccinated next week

Photo Credit: Pixabay, MasterTux

Archipel will begin vaccinating its residents against the coronavirus from next Tuesday. The elderly are the first after the care personnel to receive a vaccination.

In this round, the care group expects to vaccinate between 600 and 700 elderly residents with the Pfizer vaccine. The operation will take about a week.

“We’ll receive the vaccines on February 1 and 2,” says a spokesperson. “At each of our branches, there’s a medical refrigerator. We’ll store the vaccines there. The vaccinations are then provided indoors.”

In doing so, the healthcare group takes a circumspect approach. There is going to be a prior check-up of the health of the residents.  “It is important that they be fit enough. They must not have had corona up to four weeks beforehand. We must ensure that they don’t have fever before taking the vaccine,” says the spokesperson.

Injection teams
The so-called “Injection Teams” shall administer the shots.  These are nurses who perform the procedures under the supervision of a doctor. The doctor, of course, checks their health, before they receive the vaccination.

“It is also important to monitor these elderly residents, for the first fifteen minutes, after they receive the vaccination,” the spokesperson explains. “Problems usually arise in the first fifteen minutes after getting the vaccine. By keeping an eye on them at that moment, we can intervene immediately, if necessary.”

Archipel hereby announces that it’ll deal carefully with the vaccinations of the elderly citizens. Leftover vaccines, which couldn’t be given to the clients, if they are deemed not fit, that would be given to the nursing staff, the spokesperson explains.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives online INBURGERING classes.

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