No large influx of patients at St. Anna Hospital

Source: Studio040 - Tais Lourinho da Silva

Amidst the second wave of coronavirus infections, St. Anna Hospital in Geldrop has not seen a large influx of patients. “This time we know what to expect, so we’re approaching it differently,” says Vera Cornelissen. Vera works as an ICU nurse in the unit dedicated to patients infected with the coronavirus.

“It certainly is different this time,” the young nurse explains. “During the first wave, we had a very large peak and we knew nothing about the virus. Now we’ve learnt from the past.” According to crisis coordinator, Sandra Hendrickx, it’s busy in the corona-unit but they still have it under control.


St. Anna Hospital does, however have other problems. The hospital implemented strict prevention measures which not all visitors are understanding of or cooperate with. Now and then, this leads to friction. Hendrickx finds it a pity that hospital staff need to deal with such matters instead of fully focussing on the best possible care. The crisis coordinator also comprehends that people are exhausted from all matters relating to the coronavirus.

Many people are cancelling appointments at the hospital. People feel they don’t want to be a burden to the hospital however most cancel because they are scared. Hendrickx reassuringly reports that it isn’t necessary.

Regular health care

The hospital wants regular health care to continue as much as possible. It really is necessary. If they don’t continue regular care, they will have a large problem after this wave of infections. Hendrickx: “Regular health care will continue as usual. Appointments that didn’t take place, have to be rescheduled.” This places a lot of pressure on health care personnel after the crisis is over.

For this reason, the hospital requests all patients attend appointments as usual. Currently, they are managing. If anything changes in the meantime, the staff will personally phone to reschedule.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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