No extra support for Ergon

Ergon shall not receive extra support
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In their answer to the Parliamentary questions, the Cabinet has clearly stated that Ergon shall not receive extra money from The Hague to deal with the consequences of the corona crisis.

The social work company in Eindhoven is in dire financial state. This also applies to other work facilities in the country. That is why SP and CDA sounded the alarm. But Secretary of State Van ‘t Wout is being careful with the costs. According to the minister, the financial problems are temporary. That is why extra support wouldn’t be necessary.

Various social work organizations are struggling with shortages. According to the ED, the shortages at Ergon are between four and eight million euros. Van ‘t Wout speaks of a total of around 220 million euros in the Netherlands.

Van ‘t Wout announces that a large part of these shortages will decrease significantly in the coming years. Many employees with higher salaries are expected to retire soon. In addition, the cabinet has already earmarked extra money for the social work companies, which could cushion the blows of the crisis.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.

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