Maximum infections caused at home and at work

maximum infections at work and home
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Today evening, the cabinet is going to come up with new measures to contain the coronavirus.  According to the sources, it is quite possible that the hospitality industry will be asked to close down (sooner) and descale group sizes.

However, in this industry, slightly fewer infections have been observed lately. Catching infections being among friends and acquaintances also decreased after the last series of measures. This is according to the figures from the RIVM. The numbers say that the maximum infections are happening at home, with family and at work.

If you look at the list of ‘settings of possible infections’ as the RIVM calls it, you will notice three places where many infections can be traced back to:

More than half of the people are infected at home (56.5%),
A large part at work (12.7%),
Many infections also occur in the family (9.5%),
Finally, nursing homes are another source (7.2%).

The hospitality industry, sports clubs and schools are just outside these top 4.

More infections being at school
The figures are for the first week of October, just after the announcement of the new measures. You can compare these numbers with the averages since July 6, to see if there is an increase or a decrease compared to the period behind us.

Sources of contamination with a striking decrease:
The vacations (0.9%, the average since July 6 is 3.6%),
Meetings with acquaintances and friends (3.9%, average since July is 6.2%).

There are also places where there are more infections than the average:
Schools show the largest increase (4.9%, average since July is 2.9%),
The work (12.7%, average is 10.8%).


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.


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