Local patrons unhappy with new anti-corona rules

Photo credit : Studio040

Regulars and restaurant and pub owners’ worst fears for the hospitality industry have been realised with the new package of anti-corona measures. 

Regular guests in café Ons Hoekske on Pastoriestraat spent a last few hours in their favourite pub last night. Later in the evening, stricter measures came into force. They put further restrictions on the hospitality industry.

“We know we’ll have to close down. And we find that a bit ridiculous,” bartender Bea says. “We have a local pub; we always have the same patrons. So yes, a lot of people will miss it.”


In Mierlo, too, hospitality businesses were also worried about the new rules. These add to the recent months’ misery. “We hope, of course, that no businesses will fail,” René Bunders, of the Horeca Dommeldal organisation, says.

This club supports hospitality owners in Mierlo and helps them to deal with all the guidelines. The owner of the colourfully decorated restaurant, Taverna Nikos, in Mierlo, says, “We still have the deliveries.”

“People have been ordering food quite regularly over the past few months. We can keep that up, so, things don’t have to end badly.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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