COVID-19 + people must tell contacts themselves

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The regional health department can’t conduct source and contact research.

People infected with the coronavirus must inform their contacts themselves. That according to Eindhoven Mayor, John Jorritsma. He said so on Tuesday afternoon during question time about the corona crisis.

“The current GGD capacity is at 150% for testing people. There’s been a sharp increase in the number of infections. They can’t identify infection clusters,” says the Mayor.

For source and contact studies, all information on possible sources of contamination must be available within ten days and action must be taken. “In the Netherlands, a person with complaints reports for a test”, Jorritsma says.

Longer than ten days

“The process usually takes longer than ten days”, Jorritsma says. “It’s the person’s responsibility to inform those people they’ve been in contact with if they test positive. The GGD isn’t currently engaged in a comprehensive source and contact study.”

The Mayor isn’t convinced about rapid tests. These give quicker results. “The popular opinion is that it’s straightforward and fast. But a lab technician can normally process about 600 normal tests a day, with rapid tests that’s only 60,” the Mayor says.

“The administration is the same for both tests too. Also, the rapid tests haven’t been proved to be 100% effective. That’s why after a rapid test, a normal test must be done as well.”

“We’re not yet completely up and running with a reliable method of rapid testing. But we’re working hard on it”, Jorritsma says.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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