Carnival car stays in shed: “It’s bad, but we understand.”

carnival Car stays in shed
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Countless working hours with many volunteers and an investment of almost 15,000 euros. It all seems to have been in vain for carnival federation Hendig Zat. The carnival car that members built together, can’t ride in the parade.

“It’s terrible. But we understand it too. Safety comes first”, reacts chairman Tom van Rijssel on the decision of the Federation Eindhovens Carnival. The organization took the decision after weeks of discussion: because of rising corona infections, parade and the ball are cancelled in Lampegat.

“Parade is the highlight
The car in the shed in Son has been there for a while. Last year, the parades in Son and Eindhoven got cancelled because of a storm. In 2021, because of corona infections, parade stands cancelled. Van Rijssel: “It’s terrible. It’s your living. The parade is really the highlight. Still, the decision is, of course, no surprise”.

“We’ll survive”
Its not only about a lot of work to build such a car, but also about money.Materials, carnival suits, insurance, for example. “Fortunately, we’re able to build up a buffer over the past year. So we’ll survive this blow. But it’s not easy, because sponsors are also dropping out now,” Van Rijssel explains.

Hendig Zat is now thinking about an alternative party. Important, according to the board, to keep the young people interested and involved. How exactly that coronaproof alternative will look like, is not yet clear.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.


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