Student Hotel full, despite pandemic

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As of Tuesday, 1 September, 276 students were staying at The Student Hotel in Eindhoven.

That’s more than previous years. More than a third of the guest went into quarantine after check-in. A lot of international students checked into the hotel this week.

They’re coming to study at the Eindhoven Univesity of Technology orĀ other Eindhoven educational institutions. Dozens of young people from all over Europe reported to the reception desk with suitcases, backpacks, and questions.

More than 270 students

“It has been quite quiet here, lately”, Sonny Biesmans, of The Student Hotel, says. “But as of this month, almost 276 students are living here. All the staff and we have been looking forward to this.”

The many residents also mean considerable responsibility. The hotel staff have to explain the Dutch anti-corona policy properly to students. Biesmans says, “If someone comes from an orange area, we strongly advise them to go into quarantine.”

“That’s the rule here, we explain. But I have to say many students who come to Eindhoven are very well informed. They already know exactly what the policy is here”.


Two youngsters, one from Spain and one from Italy, arrived at the hotel a few days ago. Luckily, they didn’t have to go into quarantine. “Spain was only a yellow area when I checked in”, the Spaniard says.

“I was lucky. I know other students who have spent two weeks here in their rooms. With good help from the hotel.”

To give students the chance to quarantine before starting their studies, the hotel extended the check-in dates a while ago. Approximately 80 guests – a third of the total – have gone into such self-chosen isolation. Most of them, before 1 September.

Apparently, the worldwide epidemic hasn’t led to a decrease in the number of international students in Eindhoven. After all, the 276 guests is a record number for the hotel. So far, there haven’t been any COVID-19 cases at The Student Hotel. The staff would prefer to keep it this way.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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