Summer school starts for expat children

Summer schools popular
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Summer school is becoming extremely popular, especially after the corona crisis. Primary school De Springplank, with as many as 52 expat children, has started in this summer holiday period.

Many expat children, whose parents work for ASML study at De Springplank primary school. “Most of the parents of the children here do not speak Dutch at home. So that was a big problem during the corona period,” says Ms. Irene Blankers.

According to the director, Michelle Evers, it’s mostly noted after long holidays that the language level drops. “Children belonging to 62 different nationalities study here,” explains director Michelle Evers. She says that the children developed a backlog in Dutch language during compulsory corona break. Besides, it has also made them a bit more insecure. Some toddlers no longer dared to express themselves.

“Therefore, we’re focussing not only on the language aspect, but also on the socio-emotional development. That’s very important. The pupils now have contact with friends again. In the upper grades, children missed their classmates. These children are now able to meet other children and play with them”.

Ms. Irene teaches for two weeks to group 3 and 4. She notices that the children are happy to go to school.

More summer schools in Brabant
In Eindhoven, summer schools have been organized by De Ontdekfabriek and childcare Korein for many years. Normally about 350 children participate. The number has now doubled. In Den Bosch too, there’s a summer school for 135 children this year. It has a waiting list.

The municipality of Breda is investing 300,000 euros in Summervibes. At this school, the social-emotional aspect comes first. Summervibes lasts 6 weeks and consists of different activities for which children can sign up separately. There are now 300 applications, but registration is still possible in the coming weeks. Tilburg has almost 9 summer schools in which 40 primary schools participate. There is a subsidy for 40 hours of lessons spread over 2 weeks.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.


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