New investigation finds residents of Eindhoven are calmer about the corona crisis

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Source: Studio040/Alain Heeren

Residents of Eindhoven are coming to terms with the corona crisis. This is the conclusion from the latest investigation conducted by the Municipality. 

The investigation shows that anxiousness is declining. Other negative emotions such as helplessness and frustration are declining as well.

The majority of the public, taking part in the investigation, was more content with life. In comparison to the previous investigation conducted 4 weeks ago, the score of 6,7 has increased to 7,2.

It seems people are less lonely – 15 per cent of participants felt less lonely since the last investigation. However, 8 per cent are feeling lonelier than before. The portion of the population that feels less lonely is therefore 7 per cent.

Keeping distance

The amount of people claiming to ‘always maintain a metre and a half distance’ has declined. Results from the first investigation in April showed that 70 per cent ‘always’ kept a safe distance, with 30 per cent of participants responding ‘mostly’. Currently, the ratio is reversed. Only 25 per cent of participants ‘always’ maintain a metre and a half distance. The latest investigation shows 70 per cent of participants ‘mostly’ maintaining a safe distance.

Less consistent

Other anti-coronavirus measures are being applied less consistently. Fewer people are staying at home when they have health issues or have a partner with health issues. A third of participants were still working from home as much as possible. The investigation shows 40 per cent of correspondents still avoiding public transport. A drastic decline from the previous 78 per cent of participants.

Relaxation of the measures

Since the relaxation of the anti-coronavirus measures, 60 per cent of participants have been to a hairdresser, pedicurist and beautician. A third have visited restaurants and pubs. Cultural outings are less frequent. Only 5 per cent of participants have been to a museum, theater, monument or the movies.

The Eindhoven Municipality has been conducting these investigations since the beginning of the corona crisis through means of questionnaires. The first was conducted 2 weeks after the measures were implemented, during the first week of April. The second took place the last week of that same month. Around the middle of May the third was conducted. Lastly, the responses from the fourth instalment were collected from 16 – 23 June.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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