In five steps to a carefree rental of your property

Stoit Groep - 5 steps
Photo credit: Stoit Groep

There may be several reasons for renting out your own property. Maybe you are going away for a long period, maybe your home is temporarily available, or maybe you are considering purchasing a property for rental as an investment?

In any case, it is important to be well prepared. The rental legislation is extensive and complicated. It is important to be aware of the possibilities, but also certainly the limitations, rights and obligations, as a landlord. Consulting an agency might be a good idea.

At Stoit Groep they believe it is important to inform the landlord fully and clearly and to relieve them in every possible way. That is why they have laid out the rental process based on five steps:

Stoit Groep - 5 Steps
Photo credit: Stoit Groep

1.   Contact us

Do you intend to rent out your property? Or do you intend to purchase a property for rental? Stoit Groep advises you about the possibilities.

In the first telephone conversation, we inform you about the possibilities and what you should take into account when renting. Subsequently, an appointment can be planned with you at the property, at your home or at our office.

2.   Personal appointment

It starts with an admission interview that preferably takes place at the rental property. We then get acquainted and immediately get a good impression of the house or apartment. We believe that the better we inform you in advance, the smoother the rental will be afterwards. That is why we take the time and tell you the whole story. A small selection of the topics that will be discussed:

  • What is the market like and what is a realistic rental price for your home;
  • What kind of tenants will respond to your home;
  • Which locations and types of homes are interesting to purchase for renting out (if you still want to buy a home);
  • What types of contract are possible;
  • What is the structure of the rental legislation;
  • What type of tenants do we work with, and how do we screen them.
  • Who are we? What can Stoit Groep do for you?

We will respond extensively to your rental questions.

3.   Your property online

We publish your property with photos and a compelling description on the Stoit Groep website and on a generous number of other relevant websites with rental offers, some of which are specifically aimed at the expat market.

In addition, we offer your property through rental agents, relocation agencies and international companies. We have and maintain daily contact with these parties. This way, we ensure that your home is actively brought to the attention of our relations besides the regular online searches.

4.   Viewings

If an interested candidate wants to view your home, we work quickly. Based on information obtained from the candidate, we determine whether it is relevant for them to view it and whether the interested candidate could be a good tenant for your home. We plan a viewing as soon as possible. It is important that we have the key to your house in our presence, so we can go straight into the house when needed. The faster we work, the greater the chance of a quick rental.

During the viewing, we inform the interested candidate about the details of the property. After the candidate decides to rent the property, we request the necessary documents and contact you to inform you about the background of the candidate tenants. After receiving the documents and your agreement, the rental agreement is drawn up and signed.

5.    Your property rented out

Hoorah! We found you a tenant.

Stoit Groep collects the documents and presents the candidate to you. Extensive screening is also carried out. If everything is in order, then the lease can be drawn up and signed.

At the start of the rental period, we inspect the property and prepare a detailed report with pictures after which we handover the key. From the start of the rental period, the tenant can be quickly assisted 24/7 through our service website for their questions and solutions to problems. Our service department is also available for reporting and resolving notices quickly-both during office hours and also in the evenings and weekends in case of emergencies. Stoit Groep has its maintenance team and cleaning team, which enables a quick move.

Stoit Groep makes every effort to rent out your home as fast as possible, at a reasonable rental price and to keep the vacancy to a minimum. The interest of the landlord and also a lasting relationship with the tenant is our drive.

Call or e-mail us; we will give you more information about all the possibilities of a successful rental.

You can reach us via telephone number: +31 (0) 402140660 or e-mail:

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