Projects worth €16.8 million get the green light

Eindhoven Engine
Eindhoven Engine's Katje Pahnke, Maarten Steinbuch, and Paul Merkus

The Eindhoven Engine recently held an ‘OpenCall 2020’. This organisation invited parties to submit project proposals. The deadline was last month.

Eleven projects were submitted. Of these, five have been now given the green light. This represents an investment of over €2.2 million. The OpenCall 2020 selected projects are:

  • Carbyon DAC: This is the continued development of technology that extracts CO2 from the air. It is then converted into synthetic fuel. The challenge is to do this as inexpensively as possible.
  • ECoS-IAQ: This project is working on making air treatment systems in buildings more efficient.
  • iHEAT@Home: Here, the goal is to develop improved, cheaper, smaller, and greener heat batteries. This will encourage the development of renewable energy sources.
  • POWEr FITTing: This project aims to improve the relationship between vitality and the (home) office environment. So, it’s easier for employees to stay healthy and, therefore, productive.
  • WOMBATH: Various parties are involved in developing an artificial uterus. This will provide a safe transition for extremely premature babies between the natural womb and the outside world. And so, prevent severe life-long health problems in these children.

“(These) challenging, innovative projects are being given space within Eindhoven Engine,” reads a press release from this organisation. Eindhoven Engine says these project could potentially affect society and the economy. Together, these projects represent an investment of €16.8 million.

Clear criteria

Each of the projects was first assessed against formal, high-quality, pre-published criteria. The OpenCall’s coordinator, Paul Merkus, says, “The text of the OpenCall 2020 was clear. This allowed the evaluation process to run smoothly and fairly.”

“We see a great need for innovation, particularly now,” add directors Katja Pahnke and Maarten Steinbuch. The projects are highly diverse. They focus on climate, vitality, health, and smart manufacturing.

The Eindhoven Engine was founded Fontys, TNO, the Eindhoven University of Technology  (TU/e), Philips Healthcare, Signify, ASML, VDL, NTS, and NXP. “Co-creation and co-location are the basic ingredients for unlocking collective intelligence. This is Eindhoven Engine’s way of working,” says the pair.

Yesterday, the Eindhoven Engine’s Advisory Board recommended its selection. This board is made up of TU/e, TNO, and Fontys representatives, as well as those from the business community. The money for the Eindhoven Engine OpenCall comes from the Brainport Regional Deal.

Source: Eindhoven Engine

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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