Tablet helps students track expenses

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This tablet makes students lives a little easier. Photo credit: Turff

Since last week, some local students found it easier to track their communal expenses.

A tablet with smart software will be hanging on the wall of 250 student houses in Eindhoven. It’s called the Turff. Students of the Delft University of Technology developed it.

Students can use it to keep track of all expenses in the student house. So, no more bits of paper with random lists lying around. For example, if a student takes a can of soda or a bag of chips, they enter it on the tablet.

Free for students

The students can then divide the costs fairly. “Now students can buy everything together,” says Henry Tang. He is the Turff’s co-creator. Best of all, it’s free for students.

Advertisements being shown as screensavers make this possible. The fact that it’s free makes it very appealing to students. To date, more than 1,200 houses have already registered. “We even get registrations from sailing schools and scouting clubs”, says Henry.

The software is smart too. Over time, it’s possible to predict how much will be spent each month. Or when the coffee will run out. The software uses self-learning algorithms for this.

The inventors hope to create a link with supermarket delivery services. Users could then replenish their stock automatically. “Then you’ll never have to worry about an empty fridge again,” says Henry.

Source: Turff

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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