Nursing home trial successful; more visitors now allowed

Seniors in care homes can now have more visitors at a time.

The experiment with more flexible visiting arrangements in nursing homes is working out well. At the Hof van Bethanië in Mierlo, they’re satisfied with the results.

The Mierlo residential care centre took part in a national trial for more flexible visiting arrangements. None of the home’s residents were infected with the coronavirus. The same is true for residents of 24 other nursing homes in the Netherlands.

So, these seniors were allowed to receive one family member as a visitor. Now that the pilot proved successful, four visitors are allowed. “We’re pleased the trial went well”, Savant Zorg’s Jojanneke Hermes, says.

‘Clear communication’

“Certainly, in the beginning, the uncertainty that the virus brought played a major role. We were immediately very clear in our communication, especially to the resident’s family. I think that’s how we kept things under control.”

“I’m also in a WhatsApp group with the other organisations taking part in the trial. Here, we can ask questions and share experiences”. The successful pilot is good news for both residents and their families.

Only one visitor during the pilot meant increased pressure on the staff.  “In addition to our regular care, we had to provide a bit of well-being too”, carer, Yvonne van Loon, says. “Residents were, for example, no longer allowed to go to the hairdresser.”

‘Had to sing and dance’

“So, we sometimes cut hair and put in rollers. We played games, sang, and danced too. Normally volunteers would help. There was indeed more on our plate, but we did it gladly”.

Hermes hopes ‘their pilot”s experiences will serve as an example for other care homes. “We already have a whole script. The other Savant locations are certainly using it as an example.”

“They’re all adding their own flavour. Each location is, of course, different. But the homes certainly had a lot to gain from the preliminary work that has now been done,” Jojanneke concludes.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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