Veldhoven boasts a Quail King

Photo credit: Studio040

He not only breeds the and trades quails. Toon van Kesteren from Veldhoven knows everything there is to know about quail.

Toon’s old farmhouse is wedged between the A2 motorway, a new housing estate, and an industrial estate. He grew up on a farm, but they only kept chickens. That wasn’t enough for the ‘Quail King’.

He supplemented the bird collection with all kinds of birds – falcon parakeets, dwarf parakeets, ducks, turkeys; you name it. And so, his house slowly transformed into a bird sanctuary.

From far and wide

He sometimes used the eggs to make omelettes for his friends. Quail keepers come from far and wide to fetch quail and fertilized eggs. Toon sells the quails on the internet, but new ones are born at the same pace in his backyard.

That’s why the number of birds remains high. And maintaining them is quite a task.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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