Finally back to school: ‘corona proof’

Photo credit: Studio040
Photo credit: Studio040

High schools have started again. ‘Although it still feels a bit awkward.’ 

For example at the Frits Philips school on Tuesday morning. There the pupils are coming in spread over half an hour. Are they happy? Lorenzo Broks: “It was nice at home! Doing your homework at ease… But it’s also good that you can go to school again. I missed it or something”. David Walorsk: “I haven’t been in a long time. And it’s nice to see some people you know”.

Space and time must be distributed in such a way that as many students as possible can go to school corona proof, which is quite a challenge. Rector Rob Schuurmans: “We have 1,650 children at school. That means that they cannot arrive all at the same time, This goes in groups of three hundred. I admit it was quite a puzzle”.

The Philips school has a system in which online education continues in the morning and physical classes are offered in the afternoon. There are extra rooms set up as classrooms. But, of course, there is also a responsibility for the users themselves. Teacher Robin Hurkmans: “I really try to keep that distance. Sometimes in your spontaneity you forget, but we have so many measures that you have to think about it all the time”.

According to the rector, there is one thing that can go wrong in practice, and that is the degree of alertness and responsibility of the students themselves. “Something I do worry about is the tendency of students to be closer to each other. I notice this on the street, but also on the fields and they will do it here at the school, especially because they haven’t seen each other for a while. We have to be there all the time to say: boys, break up”.

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