Easing the anti-coronavirus measures from June 1

Easing corona rules
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The Cabinet has decided on Wednesday 27 May that the planning for the relaxation of the corona measures in the Netherlands will continue. Prime Minister Rutte explained the decisions of the consultations later during a press conference yesterday.

As of 1 June, a number of measures in the Netherlands, are going to be relaxed. These include measures related to groups, the hospitality industry, education and cultural institutions. The basic rules will remain in force, such as: wash hands, keep a distance of 1.5 metres, avoid crowds, stay at home in case of complaints and work from home as much as possible. All information can be found on www.rijksoverheid.nl/coronavirus.

New relaxations may follow from 1 July, if situations allow it. The Cabinet has added a number of categories to this package. These are gyms and fitness clubs, saunas and wellness, sports and club canteens and casinos and amusement arcades. Earlier, 1 September was the intended opening date. Of course, basic rules and additional measures apply. A final decision on this will come at the end of June.

Outdoor sports up to the age of 18
Young people from 13 to 18 years of age can practice outdoor sports from 1 June (organised and supervised by sports clubs or professionals). The rule of keeping 1.5 metre distance is NOT mandatory for this group. This relaxation already applied to children up to and including 12 years of age. Sports competitions remain forbidden.

Testing in case of mild complaints, including loss of smell or taste
From June 1 onwards, more testing is going to start for people with mild corona-like complaints. They can make an appointment to be tested at the Municipal Health Service (GGD). This can be done via a national number from 1 June. In order to keep the coronavirus under control now and in the near future, extensive testing  is crucial. In case of infection, a source and contact investigation is also important. Loss of smell or taste has been added to the list of complaints.

Summer holidays
The Cabinet will take a decision, next week, regarding summer vacation and holidays. However, it is certain that the basic measures that apply also apply during the holiday months of July and August.

Keeping virus under control
The Dutch corona approach is aimed at keeping the virus under maximum control. It also aims at not overburdening care and protecting vulnerable people in society.  The figures show a positive development and good results. This is because, the rules have been followed well. So, step by step, there is more room for improvement.

The government has started to relax measures.  This will result in more people on the streets, in traffic and in public transport. The measures will continue through to July.

However, measures can only be relaxed if the virus remains under control. It is important to stay cautious. If it is really necessary, the measures can be reversed.

Source: www.rijksoverheid.nl

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.

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